Tangled planets?

Almost a year after becoming a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in 2009, I began a daily practice of drawing one Zentangle a day. The small, 3.5-inch format enabled me to practice the 102 patterns I now had at my disposal to learn so that I could eventually teach them to others. I began storing the tiles in poly-protected album sleeves as a reference source which I still use today.

 Looking back through these albums I discovered the first time I used a circular format was in May 2011. My strings and tangles were random, not symmetrical as mandalas, and thus began my “big bang” exploration of tangled planets.

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  1. These are great - I love do tangles in the round too! - Another person I'm inspired by is Jo in NZ - She has a lot of round pieces in her Flickr photostream.