Tangled Planets on Tour

Miander Galaxy (centerfold)
This is an update on my entry in The Sketchbook Project 2013 Summer Tour. My sketchbook, called Atlas Planetanglia: a Zentangle® Inspired Galaxy, can be viewed online here, but it is also on tour through October 17 in about 14 more cities across the U.S. See schedule here.

I chose "atlas" from a list of SBP optional themes because I liked the idea of fitting my Zentangle-inspired art into a category that I probably wouldn't have thought of myself. It took me a while to decide on a format for the 36-page sketchbook, after consulting several actual atlases on different topics. Each left-hand page illustrates the string I used in the drawing on the right-hand page. I randomly chose the tangles I would use, which are recorded in the text-box at the bottom of the right-hand page. In true atlas format, I included the names of the tangles and the colors I used (Prismacolor colored pencils). The name of each planet is based on a mashup of the names of the tangles included. Not too scientific, but a lot of fun. I hope you view my entire sketchbook in the SBP digital library.

Bale'nzurca & Purka Moon

You can learn all about The Sketchbook Project and how you can participate here.


  1. As usual, beautifully done! Elegant, organized - I am in awe. Wonderful. (I still haven't finished mine yet.)Thank you for sharing. Nathalie


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